Monday, July 6, 2009

I sure love my kiddos!

So even though I only work two days during the week during the school year, it sure is nice to have summers off with thing one and thing two. We have already gone to lagoon, camping, the demolition derby, swimming, and the park. I am so spoiled to have such good cute kids! Jenn says that I never post on my blog (how can she say that!), but the truth is she just has all my pictures because I am not responsible enough to carry my own camera! I am such a scattered person that it is a wonder that I leave the house with clothes on me AND both of my kids everyday! The reason she has all my pictures is because she is my bff and is with me if I am doing anything even slightly fun, I sure do love her, and probably need her too, to keep me grounded and and a little more organized!

I heart Lake Powell and my family!

We had the best time at Lake Powell. The only sad thing about it is that when it is over I have to say goodbye to my family! We are so spoiled to have such a good relationship with everyone! My Uncle is amazing and gets a houseboat once a year for us to use down there. Well this year about a month before our trip, it sunk. HOW DOES A HOUSEBOAT SINK!! We all camped out for the week and had just as good of a time! My cute grandparents set up a tent and air mattress and roughed it with us for the week, it was awesome! We got to see our new houseboat that we will get to use next year, it will too be amazing!

Meet Pete

So I fell in love with this little fellow who has been a member of our family for about three months now. He is the best little chihuahua puppy ever! He loves kids, doesn't bark very often, and is learning to go potty outside. He is teeny tiny and we love him!

Monday, April 6, 2009

My transparant child

How did poor Ellie get to be so white! Now I know that I am not exactly olive skinned, but geez you can almost see through the girl! We spend tons of time outside so I usually just lather her up with sunblock so she doesn't burn but today I made the mistake of walking to my car without sunblock on her and her little cheeks got rosy. She really does have very pretty skin, I guess I fear for the day she turns 15 and decides that she is going to fry it in tanning beds instead of appreciating the beauty of it, hey we all did it.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Wow, Christmas, really? That was the last time I blogged?! So now to everyone who says, nobody has a blog you have to get facebook, you know why I don't! I never get on the computer! So my kids are freaking adorable as always. Ells bells is huge, not really, she went to her 18 month check up and is officially in the zero percent for height, weight, and head size, which you would never guess because she is so dang chubby. She now weighs nineteen pounds at 21 months. Ashton is getting to be such a smartie artie. I have been busy teaching at his school and it is way fun because he just comes in my room with me when he is not in class. Brian has not to be seen since the weather has gotten nice because he has been riding motorcycles, working out, and shooting at the range, I'll have to give him the heads up that he is a father and hubby throughout the whole year, not just the cold months :) We are looking forward to our houseboat trip at Powell over Memorial Day and we are riding out to Sturgis in August. Maybe you will hear from me by the end of summer, if I don't get a facebook account!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This year we had two Christmas'! Yes that is right, if you are as good as we are, Santa will come twice! First we had our Utah Christmas, which the pictures are from with just our family and then we drove to Colorado for our main Christmas. The kids got spoiled rotten. Brian and I bought a playstation 3 a couple of months ago that was predetermined to be our Christmas gift to each other. Ellie loves shoes so when she saw her lovely new slipper boots, that is the first thing she wanted and I am pretty sure her favorite thing because she is still wearing them everyday all day. Brian had surgery on his ankle the day we left for Colorado to have some hardware taken out that was put in last year when he broke it playing softball so I got to drive all the way to Colorado with two kids and a drugged up husband, yea! Surprisingly they were all very good. We spent the new year at our house with friends, cocktails, and rockband. It was amazing! We had tons of fun! I never take pictures so I will have to round some up.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hulk Smashing

So my lovely brother and his wife gave Ashton some Hulk gloves for his birthday, and permission to "Hulk Smash" anything in my house. As most of you have probably figured out, this isn't going well. The only reason the gloves are still around is for the hand me down potential they will have for Jer and Aud's children one day.